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KetoLogic and Ketone Bodies

KetoLogic BHB is a great tasting and refreshing source of exogenous ketones, which support ketosis and weight loss. People drink exogenous ketones to reduce their cravings, increase their energy, and improve mental clarity. BHB is most effective when used as part of a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

Drinking KetoLogic BHB can help fuel your workouts, help you fight snack cravings, and give you an energy boost. It also replenishes your electrolytes, which can help minimize symptoms of the Keto

Flu. BHB is a great fuel alternative to carbohydrate-based fuels, such as energy drinks, sports drinks, snacks, etc. Ready-to-use ketone bodies that is clinically shown to provide a boost to your energy, performance, and focus.

  • Great Tasting

  • Blends Easily

  • Promotes Fat Loss

  • Supports Ketone Production

  • No Artificial Sweeteners and Flavors

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