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All Natural Soap for Men

Updated: Jan 12

During the first World War, soap was stripped of it’s natural ingredients from make production cheaper and faster. The term “natural soap” was as rare and mysterious as the Squatch himself.

Driven by a passion for all natural products and a realization that there were no companies out there making honest, all natural soap for men, the founder, Jack, began creating his own recipes out of his garage. After countless batches and hours spent perfecting the process, The Squatch Bar was made. A few friends tried it out, and loved it.

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A few years later, the Dr. Squatch mission remains the same: to raise the bar for the men’s grooming industry and change the way men approach their hygiene by providing healthy, all natural products that allow you to feel like a man and smell and smell great.

While most soap companies are focused on cutting costs, Dr. Squatch focus is on creating a better bar and a better shower. With 9 scents that produce an intoxicatingly thick, foamy lather, a Dr. Squatch shower is an experience.

Soap is not the only product that is available for men at Dr. Squatch. There is also shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, colognes, beard oils and shaving cream. If you are looking for products with all natural ingredients for me, Dr. Squatch is the brand for you.

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